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With the help of wealth42's proprietary Active Money Routing (AMR) algorithm, you can play with different financial goal configurations early in your plan creation journey to build out a fully actionable to-do list with just a few taps.

AMR also helps you make goal changes in the future that help you discover shortest path to realign your portfolio.

Create a Plan that Evolves
With You, For You, By You

Think of your plan like sailing in a choppy sea, as strong winds buffet you off course, wealth42 will gently steer you back on track


Easily create your investment plan personalized to your goals.


Do bite-sized tasks or let us automate them for you to stay on track.


See how your plan is steering you towards financial freedom.

Change Anytime

Find the shortest path to aligning your investments for on-the-go changes to your goals.

Supercharge your financial goals.

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