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How does this work?

4-steps to help you stay on track towards financial freedom

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Share Your Goals

You list out your goals, dreams and aspirations. Your goals will be our compass

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Review Your Plan

The plan will include loans, investments, savings for contingencies & liquidity events

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Get a checklist

You will get a personalized checklist every month for actions to do with your money

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Stay on track

Our AI adapts to you. If you snooze, the AI will help you get back on track.

Why wealth42?

We believe your money should be in your control.


You need a financial plan

You’re swimming in an ocean of infinite possibility. Your financial plan is your North Star to which you are going to work towards


You change, and your plan will need updating

The future is unknowable, every day there are new considerations, and your goals will evolve as you age. As you are buffeted by strong winds of uncertainty, our financial checklist will accommodate and steer you back on track.   


This is an essential skill that can be learnt

It’s presented as intimidating, but it’s not that hard. You have some money today, you need some money tomorrow, you need to figure out a way to grow it, or preserve it. It’s been obfuscated with jargon, but the basics of investing are what you learnt in school - Time, Interest rate and your ability to take risk



In Douglas Adams' book The hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy, The Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything is 42. 42 is an asterisk (*) in the ASCII table which also usually means "everything"

We think of wealth42 as a partnership. You bring the wealth, we figure out the 42 the answer on how to personalize your financial plan to help you stay wealthy

Frequently Asked Questions
What is wealth42?

wealth42 is a tool that helps you conveniently do complex calculations to make decisions on your money towards investments, loans, insurance, and savings. We also help you execute mutual fund investments as an AMFI-registered mutual fund distributor in Regular Mutual funds.

Why should I trust your calculations?

Not just ours, but don’t blindly take anyone’s advice regarding personal finance. Instead, we hope to bring you the set of tools to help you figure it out, so when you hear a thumb rule or a hot market tip on small-caps or crypto or US stocks, you’ll have a way to think about the amount of risk you can take. In addition, we will empower you to have as much control as you need to configure any assumptions and settings for the calculations.

What are you doing that is different?

Everyone tells you where to invest. We will help you understand two critical aspects before that decision - "why" and "how much" to invest. Good quality financial planners usually serve a select elite. We want everyone to have access to the same quality of tools so that you can make decisions yourself or have an educated and informed conversation with your financial planner.

Why 42?

42 is the ASCII value of an asterisk - which also happens to be the logo of wealth42. An asterisk is a wild card character that means any or all. So the name wealth42 turns out to be everything related to wealth. 42 is also the answer to Life, the universe, and everything from Douglas Adams' Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. The * in wealth42 represents customization and our ability to help you create a financial plan yourself, that works for you.

What does your AI do?

Our AI is a debt and asset allocation optimization engine.

Given your goals, it helps you make financial decisions. Such decisions, on average, require googol (10^100) simulations. It is akin to going to 50 online calculators and testing simulations on a spreadsheet to make a joint decision. It is like a do-it-yourself financial planner on steroids. Saving you several hours of planning for a single scenario of goals.

What financial decisions can I make with the AI?

Given a set of goals, financial decisions the AI helps with include –

• How much to invest, at what risk, in which asset class, in what ratio, and for how long, towards which goal?

• How much to borrow, what equity-debt ratio, if and when to pre-pay?

All of this with complete control in your hands. The AI can be configured to work with customized inflation, investment top-ups, loans available to you, etc.

What happens if my financial goals change?

We understand that Goals evolve for everyone as we grow older. Our AI understands that as well. It does the math dynamically to help you make such decisions when you add, remove, or update goals. Presently, all investment executions after a decision are into Regular Mutual Funds. All Loan recommendations (to borrow or to pre-pay) are shared as easily digestible points with which you can reach out to your lender.

What if I don't have any goals?

A default goal is to have enough funds to manage retirement, considering inflation during retirement. Over time, as you have other goals, like buying a house, a car, a wedding, etc., the AI is dynamic enough to allow you to add them anytime. Based on your configurations, it will suggest the shortest path to stay on track. This dynamic path manages optimal decisions across your loans, investments, and savings.

Can I invest with wealth42?

Yes. We are an AMFI registered Mutual Fund Distributor. We help you stay on track toward your goals with actively managed investments into Regular mutual funds, keeping in mind the asset allocation you can configure.

How do you make money?

For the mutual funds you invest in, the Asset Management Company of the mutual fund pays us a commission. This can be between 0.05% to 1.25% of your invested capital (AUM). Typically, longer-term investments have higher commissions. You can ask us to change any fund – this eliminates the possibility of any conflict of interest towards higher commission products. In addition, we earn from marketing services across insurance, loans, and taxes, serviced by our partners.

What are your fees?

We charge ₹249 per month for using our AI. You can access premium services (reporting and custom configurations) for ₹349 per month.

We offer employer discounts for monthly subscriptions to corporate employees. You may contact us at to avail of corporate discounts.

Since we earn a commission from your investments into Regular Mutual Funds, whenever your net invested capital exceeds ₹ 10,00,000 (Ten Lacs), you get the premium package for FREE.

Why don't you offer direct mutual funds?

Our AMFI registration as a mutual fund distributor restricts us to offer only Regular plans. In India, direct mutual funds can be offered by:

1. SEBI Registered Investment Advisors – not applicable for us as we don't give advice

2. Broker – We await clarity on execution-only platforms (EOP) by SEBI, which may be better applicable

3. Asset Management Companies (AMC) – 7-10% of existing funds do a good job already. Not being an AMC avoids conflict of interest in fund selection for you.

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